Olivia Harrison Recalls Eric Clapton’s Warning About George Harrison


In her recently published poetry collection, ‘Came the Lightening: Twenty Poems for George,’ George Harrison‘s widow, Olivia Harrison, looked back on her life with the late Beatles guitarist. Olivia also talked about the warning Eric Clapton gave about George Harrison.

Olivia Trinidad Arias and George Harrison met in 1974 while Olivia was working as a marketing executive at A&M Records. They soon became romantically involved. Their shared interest in spirituality led George Harrison to have a calmer lifestyle. The couple married in 1978, right after Olivia gave birth to their son, Dhani. Olivia and George Harrison remained married until the Beatles guitarist’s death due to cancer in 2001.

Devastated by her long-term partner’s passing, Olivia lived in seclusion for a while, mourning her loss. After a period, she gathered herself up and took the financial duties of her late husband. She has become one of the five directors of Apple Corps, along with Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr. Olivia has put a great effort into keeping her husband’s legacy alive by being involved in various film productions, book projects, and album reissues.

On the twentieth anniversary of George Harrison’s death, Olivia’s poetry collection, ‘Came the Lightening: Twenty Poems for George,’ arrived on June 21, 2022. The book is composed of twenty poems dedicated to the late Beatles guitarist. Olivia Harrison confessed in her book that when they first met, she had some concerns about entering into a relationship with a Beatle.

She thought about whether she genuinely wanted that. Eric Clapton also warned her and implied she had to be ready to take up the challenge if she wanted to be with George. Olivia thinks Clapton was right about that since a lot was going on in the music industry and life that came with great fame. 

On Eric Clapton’s warning, Olivia Harrison said the following:

 “He was having a bit of a little bit too much fun. I thought, ‘Hang on, hang on. Do I want to get into this?’ Eric said, ‘If you’re going to be with George, you better pull your socks up,‘ which meant getting ready for the ride. I don’t think he meant it in a negative way. He just meant that there’s a lot that goes on in this world, you know? And he was right about that. But George was just a real person.”

Also, Olivia wrote that the Beatles had already split when they met, so they had a quiet life. They were spending a lot of time as a family, making George Harrison happy since he was mentally exhausted after the Beatles.