The Truth Behind Marilyn Manson Smoking Human Bones

Marilyn Manson definitely has a bad reputation in mainstream media as a controversial figure who was often blamed for having a negative influence on young people. It’s fair to say that the musician has done pretty much everything to live up to his reputation, from shocking on-stage moments to the recent sexual abuse, rape, and battering allegations.

Apart from his provocative stage personality and questionable personal life, Marily Manson is also widely known for substance abuse since he’s often been seen high or drunk onstage during multiple live performances. The musician once even admitted staying up for four days straight on crystal meth.

However, this isn’t even his craziest story about drugs since Manson once confessed that he smoked human bones and isn’t willing to try it again. Let’s break down one of the most peculiar drug-related stories of rock history together.

Marilyn Manson Admitted He Won’t Smoke Human Bones Again

As Marilyn Manson is known to be a frequent user of drugs, he was once asked during an interview with Rolling Stone in 2017 if there are any drugs he’d refuse to try. His interesting list of unwanted drugs included bath salts and acid both of which Manson has tried and wouldn’t do again. However, there was another ‘drug’ he tried and it’s rather unexpected.

Apparently, the musician grounded human bones -fans are not sure how he found them- and smoked them up. According to Manson, all of the demons appear once a person smokes bones or takes acid which is a unique experience most people don’t get to have. Therefore, the rocker refuses to smoke human bones in order to avoid his demons and the nightmares that come along with it.

Manson told Rolling Stone:

“Bath salts would be top of my list. I don’t want my flesh to fall off. I’ve smoked human bones and taken acid. I don’t want to do either again, because all your demons appear when you smoke bones or take acid. The older you get, the more demons chase you around and you have nightmares.”

Although it wasn’t extremely surprising to hear that Marilyn Manson has smoked human bones as if they were tobacco, it is definitely difficult for many people to comprehend the experience. While many fans were happy to hear Manson gave up smoking grounded human bones, it definitely entered the list of the most unusual drugs used in the rock and roll scene.