Obama Confirms Prince Turned Down The Offer To Perform At The White House

The former President Barack Obama joined an interview in The Graham Norton Show alongside Bruce Springsteen. He revealed whether the legendary musician Prince denied Obama’s offer to perform in a private party at The White House.

As you might know, Barack Obama, who received the support of many famous musicians, actors, and other artists, was elected as 44th president of the United States in 2009. During his presidency, Obama and the first lady hosted great parties at The White House. The place turned into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during private ceremonies and celebrations.

Beyonce, Jay Z, James Taylor, John Legend, Rihanna, and countless stars joined the Obamas and performed on several occasions. Also, the former president unveiled that no one turned down his offer to play in The White House except for Prince. According to him, one of the most unforgettable guests was Prince, who initially refused to attend the party but joined them later.

Barack Obama, who is known for being a huge fan of Prince, was delighted after the musician accepted his invitation. He highlighted that he used a photo from that night in his latest book and described Prince’s performance with Stevie Wonder as incredible and unbelievable. It seems that Obama still can’t forget the rock icon’s appearance at The White House.

Barack Obama stated in his interview that:

“You know one of the most remarkable performances we had at a party in The White House. He did technically turn us down the first time and that was Prince. In fact, in the book, I think there’s a picture of me dancing with Sasha on stage with Prince playing in the background.

It was actually probably two months before he passed. So it was one of his last performances. That’s incredible and unbelievable. He actually performed on the keyboards with Stevie Wonder did some stuff. He couldn’t have been better.”

You can watch the interview below.