Noodles Shares The Ramones Record That Solidified His Dedication To Punk

The Offspring guitarist Noodles recently shared his top five albums with Spin that he can’t live without. The album that took the number one spot in the guitarist’s list was none other than The Ramones’ debut album ‘Ramones.’ Noodles shared the significance of this record by explaining:

“This wasn’t the first punk record I fell in love with, but it solidified my dedication and love for all things punk. There’s not one song on this record that I would ever skip over.”

He continued:

“While the production is raw and aggressive, the songs are beautiful, even if they’re about beating on a brat or being afraid of whatever is happening in the basement. Each song has a melody that is easily recognizable, and each sing-along song is like a needed slap in the face.”

During the interview, the guitarist also shared his excitement over their upcoming US tour that will kick off this August. Here’s what Noodles said not only about the tour but also about a possible new record:

“We’ve been both touring and working on a new record. I can’t wait for our fans to hear what we’ve been working on, and I’m always looking forward to get back out on the road and playing live. We’ve got a big US tour coming up with Sum 41 and Simple Plan. That’s gonna be so much fun!”

When Noodles recently caught up with NME about the tour, the guitarist shared the one thing he was trying to cut down on. He expressed:

“We’re always trying to change how we do things. I’m trying to learn how to tour without drinking too much; that’s a struggle. But I’m working on it; I made some headway there.”

You can read Noodles’ interview with Spin here and listen to ‘Ramones’ below.