Noel Gallagher Says Oasis Wasn’t Considered As Great Until They Broke Up

During his interview with Sky Arts, Oasis‘s former lead guitarist and co-lead vocalist Noel Gallagher stated that Oasis wasn’t so popular until they decided to disband. After Oasis had been disbanded, people started to show more interest in the band which led them to be seen among the greatest bands.

As you might remember, Oasis was disbanded in 2009 when Noel Gallagher decided to leave the band because of his personal conflict with his brother and bandmate, Liam Gallagher. Noel continued to pursue his own professional musical career with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. The remaining members of Oasis, on the other hand, continued to play together by founding a new band, Beady Eye.

Although it has been quite a while, Oasis fans have been still waiting for the band’s reunion. The Gallagher brothers’ being co-executive producers of the upcoming Oasis documentary fired up the rumors about a possible reunion once again. However, rumors ended by Noel who stated that Oasis was ended for good. He also mentioned that the only condition he would ask to reunite with the band was if they paid him $100 million. Liam responded to his brother by stating that he would do it free.

In a recent interview, Noel looked back to his career with Oasis and claimed that the band wasn’t popular and commercially successful back in 2009 which affected his decision to leave the band. According to him, their fans stopped listening to their records and they only came to the shows to listen to their popular hits. However, after the break-up, Oasis started to attract people’s attention more, Noel suggests. He even stated that the band’s breakup helped them to regain their lost popularity and be considered among the greatest.

Here’s what Noel Gallagher stated in the interview:

It’s not a decision I took lightly. And I’d written every meaningful song that was ever recorded by Oasis. And it was my life, I directed it and creatively it was my thing. With the benefit of hindsight, it was the best thing for me and for the band.

Because the band now, Oasis back in 2009 was not lauded as one of the greats of all time. There was a kind of undercurrent of, ‘well they should really call it a day.’ That’s what I felt anyway.

And I felt that people had stopped listening to the records and were coming to see us trot out the hits and it’s a position I never wanted the band to be in. But now of course we’ve seen as up there with all the greats.”

According to his latest statements, Noel Gallagher thought that Oasis became even more popular with the help of the disbanding of the band. Oasis’s works started to draw more attention from the fans who showed more interest in Oasis and their possible reunion in the future.