Noel Gallagher Confirms He Was Offered To Do An Oasis Musical

Oasis legend Noel Gallagher talked about a possible musical during his appearance on Questions Time with Matt Morgan and unveiled that a couple of producers approached him several times for an Oasis and autobiographical musical.

In 2009, Oasis disbanded following Noel Gallagher’s statement about his departure from the band because of his personal problems with his bandmate and brother Liam Gallagher. The remaining Oasis members continued their careers with their new band Beady Eye while Noel began his solo project Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

However, Oasis fans still can’t accept that Oasis will never reunite, although the band members have clearly stated that many times. The fans continued to be hopeful about the reunion after the Gallagher brothers became the co-producers of the new Oasis documentary entitled ‘Oasis Knebworth 1996′ to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary Knebworth show.

Nonetheless, Noel Gallagher ended these rumors about this possibility saying that there is no turning back. Before the documentary, Oasis fans started to wait for an announcement about an Oasis musical after Noel Gallagher stated that a person from Broadway wanted to do it.

Here’s what Gallagher said in one of his previous interviews:

“The musical! People have been on to me about that for the last 10 years. Funnily enough, ‘Live Forever’ is always the title. I spoke to an English guy who works on Broadway who knows about these things and he was like saying, ‘Your journey from rags to riches.'”

Liam responded:

“Five lads from Manchester start a band and take on the world. The little one who writes the songs turns into a massive cunt, sacks everyone except his little brother as he ain’t got the arse. Splits up the band, there’s a storyline for you. The End. Liam Gallagher…”

After Liam Galagher’s harsh answer to the Oasis musical, people actually gave up the ideas, but Noel Gallagher’s recent words about the musical will probably start the rumors once again.

During his interview, Gallagher highlighted that he was asked to do an Oasis or Noel Gallagher musical entitled ‘Everybody Is On The Run’ on different occasions without giving any further details about the possibility of working on them.

Gallagher said in his interview that:

“The idea of a musical has been floated to me on more than one occasion. Somebody had an idea of like a Noel Gallagher one called ‘Everybody Is On The Run’ and then there was an idea for another Oasis one.”

You can check out the interview and tweet below.