Nita Strauss Still Fights Against Obstacles Of Knee Surgery

Nita Strauss has suffered several injuries during her performances on stage, including her recent trouble with her knee. Ultimately the guitarist had to undergo surgery to get back on stage stronger than ever. Strauss took to Twitter to share her homecoming day at the Guitar Center in Hollywood and gave updates about her knee still needing time to kick up in full swing.

The guitarist had it rough with her knee these past years; however, that didn’t stop her until the last straw when she couldn’t go on any longer. She had a torn meniscus for eight months, but she continued to give it her all when she was on tour with Alice Cooper. She eventually had to undergo meniscus repair surgery last year.

After going through injuries and significant surgery, the guitarist took time to heal. This homecoming at the Guitar Center was a big deal to see how far her knee had progressed. It turns out it is better than Strauss thought, as she didn’t have to sit through her performance. Yet, she still needs time to return to her jumps and kicks.

Strauss’ tweet about her performance at Guitar Center:

“I had a great homecoming today at Guitar Center Hollywood! Felt great to get back on stage and jam a little. I planned to sit throughout the clinic, but… nah, my knee held up just fine; no jumps or kicks yet, and I’m home icing it now, so all is well! Thank you all for being there!”

For a while, the musician has been under rigorous physical therapy to return to her prior self when she could do jumps and kicks without any restrictions. However, it’s good to see that Strauss has come a long way and is on the right track to getting back on stage for her fans.