Nita Strauss Shares The Most Frustrating Part Of Her Recovery Process

The music scene has witnessed many terrible accidents, which is not surprising considering those wild performances, right? Nita Strauss is one of those who suffered a lot of damage during these fantastic performances. In her latest post on Instagram, she announced that the recovery process went well following the surgery she had ten days ago.

“Stopping in to give a little knee update,” the guitarist wrote in her post. “It’s 10 days post-surgery, I’m completely off all pain meds, and physical therapy is rocking and rolling along. I’m in the extremely capable hands of Zach and the team at Unbreakable Performance, The Anatomy of Therapy, and I just started a couple of days ago with TB12 Sports! This is truly the dream team, and I feel very, very lucky!”

Strauss continued, “It’s not easy, but we are pushing hard and making great progress every single day. Being on crutches is by far the most frustrating part, and it’ll still be a few weeks until I’m off them, but at least I’m starting to get used to it!”

The therapy was going well overall, although it will take her some time to be able to do some movements again. Nita added, “With all the mobility and strength work we’re doing, I’m going to be doing 360 jumps off stage risers in time, but now better and stronger than before.”

She concluded, “Until then, I’ll enjoy being taken care of by the best partner in the world, Josh V. I love you!” Sharing a concert photo, the musician wrote, “Photo from when I could still bend my knee past 90 degrees, which I will never take for granted again, by Andrew Wendowski.”

This isn’t the first time she’s got injured on the stage, either. Last October, while playing with Alice Cooper, Cooper unintentionally smashed his cane over her dome in the middle of a song with the excitement and ecstasy of the moment.

It didn’t end there, though. The rock star suffered a knee injury that looked pretty bad last April. Those who saw this event that happened to her during the show were pretty sure that she would have to undergo surgery in the future, as her knee seemed messed up. It is unclear which surgery the rocker is currently in recovery, but she has been having some troubles with her knee for a while. Luckily, the healing process seems to be going well.

Photo Credit: Nita Strauss – Instagram