Machine Gun Kelly Responds To Fans’ Criticism About Genre-Switching

Machine Gun Kelly has been subjected to controversy since his shift toward rock music. Ever since he came out as a rock star, MGK found himself at the center of attention, and many criticized him for swapping genres. However, the rapper/rocker believes that he has been misunderstood. Speaking to Billboard, Machine Gun Kelly responded to the harsh fan criticisms and explained where his music falls into.

“I’m talented as f*ck,” said Machine Gun Kelly while discussing his musicianship. “I added on to my catalog of four great rap albums. So what I did was I added on — never departed, left, or switched. Because in the same year, I was the most-viewed YouTube video putter-outer with all rap, which was my lockdown sessions, which gained more views than almost any of my other videos. And it was hundreds of millions of views of me rapping.”

He continued, “When you conveniently leave that out, that when quarantine happened and everyone was stuck in the house with no new entertainment, and I picked up my cell phone and put this thing on, wrote my a** off, and rapped my a** off weekly. Then you watch it, and you’re like, ‘Damn, he’s actually saying some sh*t.’ I was rapping. And then, later on, we dropped a No. 1 album that was a pop-punk album. So when they say ‘departed’ or when they say, ‘Oh, man, you switched.’ Motherf*cker, are you dumb?!

“I stopped doing interviews,” said MGK, confessing that the criticisms discouraged him. “Because I’m so sick of being asked questions that don’t make me think or feel. I’ve just sat there and heard this, ‘Oh, he departed, he switched, oh, he’ — Do you know how long? Do you know how much that kills me every day?”

Speaking on how many people are determined to criticize artists until they pass away, he added, “If I died tomorrow, I know every single person would be like, ‘Legend, dude, this motherf*cker did this and did this.’ And while I’m alive, my flowers can’t be brought to me. I don’t give a f*ck about actual money. I’ve never once in my life looked at my bank account. I could care less. I care about real human interaction. That’s the sh*t to me.”

In the conversation, Machine Gun Kelly made it clear that he neither stopped making rap music nor switched genres; he has just continued making music. Apparently, the harsh criticisms that he swapped genres are too much to deal with for the musician. According to MGK, many would appreciate his music if he died tomorrow, but while he is alive, he constantly receives negative reviews, which kills him every day.

The ‘I revived rock music’ remark sounds pretty bold for Machine Gun Kelly, but he had once stated his ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ album provided a defibrillator for rock music. In addition, after the release of the follow-up album ‘Mainstream Sellout,’ the musician said he is living proof that rock isn’t dead. While a music icon like Mick Jagger appreciated his new musical direction, MGK has also received negative reactions from many.