Machine Gun Kelly Shows Himself As The Proof Of The Age Of Rock Star Is Not Dead

After Machine Gun Kelly received ‘The Favourite Rock Artist’ award in the most recent American Music Awards, the new rockstar stated that he doesn’t agree that the rockstar phenomena and era are dead.

MGK is known to have switched genres recently with his 2020 album ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ and gained a lot of controversial comments from critics and fans about the sudden urge to quit rap and become a rockstar. However, MGK was not that far from rock music after all. He listened to a lot of rock and roll and learned to play the drums for his role as Tommy Lee in Netflix’s 2019 film adaptation of Mötley Crüe’s biography, ‘The Dirt.’

In the most recent AMAs, the rockstar was given the award of ‘Favorite Rock Artist’ formally being called a rockstar. In his speech he wanted to inspire those musicians that wanted to shift genres or learn a new instrument to do whatever they wanted to. MGK also referenced the claim that ‘The Age of Rockstars is Dead,’ or ‘Rock is Dead’ and he disagreed with the statement by showing his award and saying, ‘Looks pretty alive to me.’

Here is Machine Gun Kelly’s speech:

“I wanna accept this for all the aspiring musicians, the one who desires to play an instrument, wants to rap, wants to sing, and not just the rock artists but all the artists who are rockstars. Lastly, I just wanna say this I read a headline that said ‘The Age of the Rockstar’s Dead.’ But, looks pretty alive to me.”

It seems like the former rapper and current rockstar is proud of himself for listening to what he wants and ignoring the criticism. As he stated, his award is proof that rock is not dead, and there are still many people who are committed to the genre at least as much as before.

You can see his speech from AMAs tweet below.