Nita Strauss Shares The Only Alice Cooper Song She Wished To Play

In a recent interview with Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown, guitarist Nita Strauss shared her thoughts about the current Alice Cooper setlist that includes ‘Freedom,’ the only track she wishes she had the chance to play live.

The musician joined Cooper’s band in 2014 when she replaced Orianthi. Her performances with the band were praised by the fans, critics, and the singer himself. However, Strauss decided to take on a new challenge and joined Demi Lovato‘s all-female lineup for her ‘Holy Fvck’ tour.

After Strauss announced her decision to take a break from Alice Cooper’s band, Kane Roberts was offered the fill her spot. Cooper and Roberts had previously worked together, so it was a smooth transition. The new lineup also brought a new setlist for the tour that included the track ‘Freedom,’ apparently an all-time favorite of Strauss.

The guitarist shared her love for the track ‘Freedom’ from the concert setlist of Alice Cooper’s upcoming tour dates. She added that when she gets asked her favorite Alice Cooper song to play live, she always answers with songs that are a part of Kane Roberts’ tenure with Cooper. So she was bummed to hear that the band would play ‘Freedom’ on tour. She mentioned that if she ever goes back to tour with Alice Cooper, they better keep the song a part of the setlist because she wants to have a go at playing the song live.

Nita Strauss’ words about the Alice Cooper song she wished she had the chance to play:

“Oh, I’m a huge fan. I mean, anybody that’s heard me talk about my favorite Alice Cooper song has heard we talked about Kane Roberts. I’m sure you’ve asked me in the past, ‘What are your favorite Alice Cooper songs to play live?’ And I’d always say Kane Roberts-era songs.

I heard they’re playing ‘Freedom‘ on this tour, and I’m a little put out by this because I had been wanting to play ‘Freedom’ for like five years. And we never got it in the set, and now they’re doing it. So, if I go back to Alice at some point, they better keep it in there because I want to play that song.”

You can watch the official music video of ‘Freedom’ below.