Nita Strauss Says Fans Are ‘More Mad’ At Her For Leaving Alice Cooper Than She Expected


The guitarist Nita Strauss recently appeared in an interview with Revolver and revealed she did not expect people to be so mad at her for leaving Alice Cooper.

In the previous days, Nita Strauss announced on her Instagram that she would not be a part of Alice Cooper’s upcoming fall tour. She also informed her followers that her solo tours with her band were canceled as well. As she pointed out, they parted ways with Cooper not due to any drama or disagreements but because she was looking for a new adventure in her career.

Later, it was revealed with a fan video that she joined the singer Demi Lovato’s band during the live performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! According to Lovato’s previous Instagram post, Strauss also appeared in the rehearsals of the singer’s upcoming North America tour with her all-women band.

Previously, Strauss shared that Cooper completely supported her decision to leave and wasn’t heartbroken. As she noted, this was just a hiatus, not a complete departure, and she even met at a ‘hiatus dinner‘ with Cooper. The Godfather of Shock Rock wished the guitarist the best for her new starting journey.

Recently, the successful guitarist stated that people are ‘more mad’ at her than she expected. She repeated that this is not a goodbye, unlike the media reflected. As the guitarist mentioned, Alice Cooper supported her decision and encouraged her to ‘shine her light’ in her new adventure. Strauss noted that people reacted so much because they cared about her and added that she is honored to be loved.

Nita Strauss said the following when asked whether people are mad at her for leaving Alice Cooper:

“More mad than I expected. I’ve tried to clarify this over the last few days a little bit because I think that there was a lot to do over something that really wasn’t as final as the internet made it out to be. With Alice’s blessing, I took a step back from the fall tour to try something different. We hugged it out, and he said, ‘Go and shine your light and have a great time.’

There was never like an ‘I quit.’ I didn’t walk out in the middle of the tour. We’ve been off the tour for two months; they haven’t played a show yet. The tour was long over. This has been blown up, and there’s so much more than it should have been, I think. But it’s like you said. People care, and I am very honored that people care so much. If they didn’t care about my career, they wouldn’t be talking about it. So, in a way, I fell very loved.”

You can check out the interview below.