The Bob Dylan Lyrics Jon Bon Jovi Envied

Rockers might celebrate other artists in various ways. For instance, David Bowie helped Peter Frampton rebuild his reputation by inviting the guitarist to play with him on his famous Glass Spider tour. Collaborating with Frampton was Bowie’s way of honoring the guitarist’s talents, as Peter had the chance to redeem his damaged public image.

Other established artists might also celebrate fresh acts by helping them to introduce themselves to new audiences. KISS’ Paul Stanley, for instance, was proud to have given many bands a chance to stand out, from Mötley Crüe to AC/DC to Bon Jovi. To Stanley, his band supported these acts by allowing them to shape their image.

As Stanley praised Bon Jovi, we might say that the act became the audience’s favorite through various classics and well-written lyrics. However, even with his hit lyrics, Jon Bon Jovi also had songs he wished he had written. As Bon Jovi celebrated other rockers’ poems, some of these songs belonged to none other than Bob Dylan.

The only icon Jon appreciated wasn’t Bob Dylan. The rocker also discussed Tom Waits’ talent as a songwriter with Forbes, as he answered which Tom Waits track he wished to have written. As Bon Jovi celebrated Waits’ sound and lyrics, he also made mention of Bob Dylan’s songs.

“‘Who Are You,’” told Jon as he disclosed the Tom Waits song he wished to have written. However, he had other favorites too. “That just immediately came to mind, the same way Dylan’s ‘I Want You’ is one of those kind of songs, or ‘Just Like A Woman.’”

He continued flattering Waits, “But you know, ‘Who Are You?’ F*ck! And I love ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up,’ ‘Bone Machine,’ they’re all so good. ‘Hold On,’ what a great f*cking song. ‘Come On Up To The House,’ ‘The House Where Nobody Lives,’ oh, those f*cking lyrics, awesome. Oh yeah, you and I could go deep on this.”

Jon’s fascination with Tom Waits and Bob Dylan showed that one of the best ways to acknowledge other artists is to appreciate their works and disclose your admiration for them. Bon Jovi wished he could have written their songs, and this simple wish most definitely honored his heroes.