Pete Frampton Is Grateful For David Bowie Rebuilding His Reputation

The recognition that artists receive might seem dreamy, but fame also has a darker side. Peter Frampton suffered from this darker side since the artist’s reputation in the early ’80s due to various complicated reasons. The guitarist recalled the unfortunate period while speaking to Rolling Stone Germany and disclosed how David Bowie saved his career.

Peter and David went way back since the pair knew one another from high school. Their common interest in music had brought them together during lunch breaks, and their friendship continued in line with their successful careers. However, Frampton felt that he had lost his credibility in the ’80s after releasing his commercial success record, ‘Frampton Comes Alive.’ That was when Bowie gave him an opportunity.

“It wasn’t just having me play with him,” stated the guitarist as he recalled David Bowie inviting him into the Glass Spider tour. “I didn’t realize what he was doing at that point. At the beginning of ’81 or ’82, I kind of lost my musical credibility because I got screamed at, and I wore sat-in pants, and I took my shirt off in too many front covers.”

Frampton continued, “He’d seen what was happening to me after ‘Comes Alive,’ and he didn’t say anything. He just booked me to play with him. It just turned my career around as far as people’s awareness and reminded them that I was a guitar player first and foremost.”

Even years after their collaboration and Bowie’s death, Peter is clearly still grateful to him. He said, “So, I could never thank him enough, and I still do because everything changed after that for me on the good side.”

Frampton and Bowie had been friends since they were teenagers, but David hadn’t only invited the guitarist on his tour due to their history. It seems clear that Bowie was aware of Peter’s talents and wanted to help his friend by collaborating with him and helping him prove his musical talent to the world.