Nita Strauss Recalls The Harsh Critique During Her Alice Cooper Audition

In one of the latest interviews with Ultimate Guitar, Nina Strauss was asked about the first time she had the chance to talk to Cooper and what was it like to send him audition videos. Strauss explained:

“It was a big learning experience for me because when I was first making those videos, like the first round of audition videos, I pulled out every stop, every trick in the book you know, over and over the neck playing, sweeps, tapping, all this kind of stuff.”

She mentioned the harsh critique she first got and what she realized after:

“The harsh critique that I got was, ‘Have you ever heard an Alice Cooper song? Do you know what these songs sound like?’ and I realized it wasn’t a technique audition. They wanted to see if I could play Alice Cooper songs the way that Alice Cooper fans wanted to hear them.”

Mentioning having auditioned by sending videos and not having met Cooper, and even after the relentless comment she received, the guitarist told how she was chosen:

“So it was a cool learning experience and if it hadn’t been by video like that- if I had been in the room with ten other guitar players, I very well might have not gotten it because of ‘that’ reason. So all things considered I’m very lucky it happened the way it did.”

Having played with Alice Cooper from 2014 to 2022, Strauss is now touring with Demi Lovato as the touring guitarist. Getting ready to release her upcoming solo album, ‘The Call Of The Void’, Strauss has already released six tracks off the album. The latest track released features Dorothy and can be listened to here.