Justin Hawkins Explains The ‘Annoying’ Part Of Jack Black’s Tenacious D

Justin Hawkins recently revealed what he considered ‘annoying’ about Jack Black’s Tenacious D while reviewing the band’s song, ‘Tribute,’ on his YouTube channel.

When one is listening to ‘Tribute,’ you need to keep in mind that it’s not the ‘greatest song‘ in the world but just a tribute to it, though Hawkins seemed not to care about Jack’s lyrics on that and went on to call the track ‘the best’ anyways.

The Darkness frontman then discussed how, although Black and bandmate Kyle Gass recorded their songs mostly for fun and labeled them ‘comedy rock,’ people still could be annoyed while listening to the act’s tracks due to one specific reason.

Justin on Jack’s lyric stating how ‘Tribute’ wasn’t the best song in the world and why people got annoyed:

“So, this is the important lyric, I think. This is the bit he’s clarifying that the song they’re singing isn’t supposed to be the best song in the world if, indeed, it’s just a tribute to the best song in the world, which is the one they come up earlier [in the video]… It’s genius, a conceit, isn’t it?

And the thing I think annoys people about it is that whilst it’s comedy rock, it’s so much better than 99 percent, 99.5 percent of serious rock music. It’s just more enjoyable to listen to not just because of the darkness of the lyrics, but it’s well played, beautifully sung, it’s powerful, it’s funny.”

The rocker felt that the most annoying part of Tenacious D was how good they were while mocking or making ‘comedy rock.’ That was a quality, Hawkins believed, that made the duo better than ‘99.5%’ of most serious rockers, and if you want to decide for yourself, you can watch the full video below.