Nita Strauss Recalls Her First Ever Australian Master Class, ‘Such An Incredibly Special Night’

Alice Cooper Guitarist Nita Strauss remembered the time when she had her first-time master class in Australia by sharing a new post on her official Instagram.

Firstly, Nita shared a picture from that day, in which she was standing on the stage and posing for the camera. You can see from her huge smile that she was so happy to be there and perform.

In the caption, Nita stated that it was such an incredible night for her because she was so warmed by the community. She felt like everybody knew each other in there and had an amazing time with them.

While Nita was thanking Ibanez and Roland for making such an event, she also said that she wants to do it once more and showed how much she liked being in Australia and meet with her followers.

Here is what Nita Strauss said:

“My first ever Australian master class was a year ago today (yesterday? The date change always messes with me haha!!) in Perth.

Such an incredibly special night. I was so warmed by the camaraderie of the metal scene in this relatively small, beachy, laid back city. I felt like everyone kind of knew everyone, and I was immediately welcomed into this crew of friends. Such an amazing time.”

She added:

“Many thanks to Ibanez and Roland for making those clinics happen!! Let’s do it again sometimes? You guys will not get me with that drop bear trick again I can tell you that much 🐨😒

Also this was the fateful day that I looked at the wrong camera for 200 pictures of meet and greet 🤦🏼‍♀️ there were two pro photographers there and I apparently thought the wrong one was the official one. Proof in my story 😆”

You can check out the post by clicking here.