Nita Strauss On ‘Not’ Being A Real Band Member With Alice Cooper

Nita Strauss had been rocking the stages with Alice Cooper for eight years until she decided to go on an indefinite hiatus to focus on other projects. To many fans’ surprise, it later turned out that Strauss joined Demi Lovato’s band. Speaking to Guitar World, the guitarist looked back on her career with Cooper and said she wasn’t the shock rocker’s bandmate.

“Playing with the artists I do, I’m not technically a band member,” admitted Nita Strauss. “Being a hired gun, it’s really ‘step in and fill this role,’ whether playing Alice Cooper songs or reimagining rockers from Demi Lovato songs. What I bring to each of those different gigs is that sense of professionalism I’ve learned across so many years and how to step into each role, fill it nicely and tightly, and help bring that artist’s vision to life while still bringing my own personality and energy to the show.”

“I have learned so much from Alice and Demi,” she continued, revealing playing with Alice Cooper and Demi Lovato contributed to her as a musician. “One of the things they both do really well is they take the forefront, but they give each band member an introduction and time to shine. They don’t take the entire spotlight for themselves. That’s something I try to do with my solo band as well, to make sure it’s a collaborative effort and everybody knows it.”

Nita left Alice Cooper’s band and canceled her solo shows in July 2022 without giving any further explanation. After some time, it turned out that she had decided to embark on a new musical journey with Demi Lovato. While Cooper fans bashed the guitarist for leaving the rock veteran and joining Lovato’s band, Cooper supported Strauss’ decision and wished she would have a good time with the pop singer. Besides, neither Nita nor Cooper didn’t close the doors for a reunion in the future.

According to the guitarist, she feels like she is a person to step in and fill a role with both Alice Cooper and Demi Lovato. Nita Strauss says she’s not technically a band member but argues she always tries to bring her sense of professionalism into each of her roles to help the artist she plays with. Moreover, Nita is thankful to both musicians for teaching her how to take the forefront without stealing other band members’ spots.