Nita Strauss Defends Her Decision To Use Backing Tracks

Using backing tracks can be a tricky situation. It may indicate that the performer no longer has a strong enough voice to perform and can also frustrate the audience because they paid to see the musician perform live. Using backing tracks is not acceptable for fans most of the time. However, Nita Strauss recently gave a different perspective on this and said that there are fair circumstances where using backing tracks makes sense.

Many musicians have been accused and criticized for using backing tracks throughout history. While some are open about it and give their reasons, others use backing tracks and try to ensure that the audience doesn’t notice. However, the audience turns out to be smarter than they think, and they notice when someone isn’t singing live on stage. This can be frustrating for everyone who is paid to see the performance.

Nita Strauss recently stated that she used backing tracks after being asked by a fan on Twitter. The fan said that they didn’t support those who didn’t sing live on stage, but Strauss gave them a different perspective. She said that she used backing tracks before for one song where she couldn’t afford to bring the singer on tour with her. Strauss said that she used tracks for David Draiman’s vocals for the song ‘Dead Inside.’

The fan asked:

“Hearing Eddie trunk go on about backing tracks in live performances. Have you ever or do you use backing tracks and what are your views, Nita? Personally, I believe it’s a huge no-no!

Strauss replied:

“I’ve used a track for David Draiman’s vocal for ‘Dead Inside’ since the song came out. We made no secret of it. It wasn’t feasible to pay a singer for a whole tour to only sing one song with us. So in my humble opinion, there are circumstances where it makes sense.

She stated that she never hid this from anyone; it’s obvious that while no one is singing on stage, the instruments are playing over vocals that come from the speaker. Nita has been doing this since the release of the song, and for her, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.