Dee Snider Shares A Risky Comment On Kid Rock’s Abilities As A Frontman

In a recent post on X, Dee Snider praised Kid Rock’s talent as a frontman.

The singer was aware that his post would receive reactions from others on the platform as he wrote along with a photo of himself with Rock:

“Here’s one that is going to get some people upset. It shouldn’t. Talent is talent. Kid Rock is an amazing frontman. One of the best I’ve ever seen. The dude plays every instrument and throws the f*ck down!! And yeah we used to be friendly…before politics.”

What Did Fans Say About Snider’s Comment?

In the comment section, some users agreed with Snider while others didn’t think the same. One said:

“If you take away his politics; his music actually still really sucks.”

Another one shared the same opinion with Dee:

“I saw him years ago… with Primus, Foo Fighters, and Busta Rhymes. What a show! It was awesome. And yes, he played every instrument during his set. Sadly, you couldn’t pay me to see him now.”

One other commenter had mixed views about Rock:

“His music sucks, but I have seen him live (dragged to a concert) and I do agree he wasn’t a bad frontman especially playing all the instruments. He’s still a tool though.”

Dee’s Opinions On Other Singers

Snider also shared his opinion about other famous names these days. He recently replied to a tweet asking if Robert Plant was the ‘greatest frontman of all time’ by saying:

“Nope. Amazing singer. But great frontman? He barely spoke to the crowd. ‘Does anybody remember laughter?’ James Brown is the greatest of all time!”

Another user mentioned David Lee Roth as a great frontman, even though they called him a ‘horrible singer.’ They said, ‘With Eddie Van Halen on stage, you could be a mute and still make it work.’ Snider responded:

“Like I said: singing and fronting are separate things! DLR was a great FM.”

Snider also previously said that he believes a great frontman doesn’t have to sing well but should entertain the audience. He thinks his crowd interaction sets him apart from singers like Plant.

You can see all the tweets below.