Dee Snider On Surpassing Robert Plant As A Performer But Not A Vocalist

Dee Snider has never hidden his appreciation for Robert Plant’s singing, but his recent remark on the Led Zeppelin frontman’s showmanship caused controversy. Speaking to Ultimate Guitar, Snider explained what he actually meant and claimed he’s a better performer but not a singer like Plant.

Snider is a fan of Robert Plant’s vocals, and he had even admitted he perfectly impersonated the singer in the early days of his music career. According to the Twisted Sister icon, his Robert Plant impersonation got him into the band because Led Zeppelin’s music sold a lot. However, Snider has something to say about Plant’s showmanship.

In January, while talking about the greatest musicians in rock music history, Dee made an interesting remark about Robert Plant’s stage shows. He said that a good singer wasn’t necessarily a good performer and claimed that Plant wasn’t a frontman just because his singing was great. As Dee argued, the Zeppelin vocalist showed him nothing as a performer.

It wasn’t a surprise these remarks raised eyebrows. However, Dee now feels the need to clear the air about his comments on Robert Plant. In a recent interview, the musician said that a frontman should not only sing well but also engage the audience and entertain them to give a full-scale performance.

Following that, Dee Snider claimed his remarks were misinterpreted, as he’s not in Robert Plant’s league but a better performer. According to Snider, he engages the crowd so much that the entire arena feels they are in the front row, but Robert Plant doesn’t do that. As it appears, he’s still not afraid to say what he has in mind.

The Twisted Sister icon’s thoughts on the qualities of a frontman:

“A frontman doesn’t have to sing well but needs to be a guy who can engage the audience and entertain the people who stand there. A frontman that can wow the crowd with their incredible voice, yeah, that’s entertaining on a different level, but it’s not the same as a full-scale performance.”

Asked if his comment was misinterpreted, Snider continued:

“Absolutely. I am not saying I’m Robert Plant, nor am I saying I’m even in his league. Having said that, I do something at a level that he doesn’t do, and that is I engage the crowd. I can establish a level of audience participation that makes the entire arena feel like they are in the front row. Robert Plant doesn’t do that, but I do. He’s an incredible singer, but showmanship, that’s what I do well. But I said this, and people said, ‘How dare you?’ Well, guess what? I f*cking dare.

As for Ronnie James Dio, I knew him well. We toured together. He would look at me on stage, and after the show, he’d go, ‘Dude, you’re crazy. You’re f*cking insane. You’re all over the stage.’ And I told Ronnie, ‘Well, you’re the greatest f*cking metal singer full time. I can’t do what you do, but I can hold an audience in the palm of my hand.’”

In his previous statements, Dee Snider had said that Ronnie James Dio fell into the same category as Robert Plant in this aspect. As he recalled, Ronnie also admitted that Dee was all over the stage. So, Snider argues that he’s not in the same league as these frontmen in terms of singing but is a better performer than the two.