Nikki Sixx Says Vince Neil, Mick Mars And Tommy Lee Changed His Life Forever

Nikki Sixx went through several hardships before he founded Mötley Crüe and carried it to success. His earlier experiences with various bands before Mötley Crüe led him to meet his bandmates Vince Neil, Mick Mars, and Tommy Lee, which was life-changing.

Before Mötley Crüe, Sixx tried to find his place in the rock and roll industry with various other bands. Having a troubled childhood, he directed himself to music and joined the band Sister, later to leave with Lizzie Grey to form London and continue making music there.

Sixx talked about being in London in his recent autobiography ‘The First 21’ as a crucial part of his life. The interviewer from The Aquarian recalled how much Sixx talked about his pre-Mötley Crüe band, London and asked why Sixx didn’t re-record his songs with that band with Mötley Crüe before they released ‘Too Fast For Love.’

The musician stated that he didn’t have the money to record the songs, ‘Stick To Your Guns’ and ‘Toast of the Town.’ He also continued to say that he was satisfied because he didn’t want to ruin his experience with London if the results weren’t good.

Here is what he stated in his answer:

“Yeah, I had this idea when we were getting ready to go out and do the Final Tour that maybe we should re-record ‘Stick To Your Guns’ – like re-record it nowadays. Back then, we barely had two pennies to rub together to record it. Or maybe we would ruin it, so I never really brought it up to the band. I thought it would be a cool way to end what I thought we were ending our career on, by ending it with the same song we began it with. Hey, you never know! But, yeah, I talked a lot about London because what was important about London was the passion and the gang-like mentality that we had. All pre-Mötley Crüe. How hard we worked. What we were willing to do without. The side hustles we were willing to do to survive.”

Sixx later continued to talk about the unfortunate events he experienced before Mötley Crüe. He recalled when Van Halen became prominent in the music scene and praised Eddie’s guitar skills stating that there was no guitar player like him before that.

Then, the rocker admitted that he didn’t get signed by record labels because they didn’t like his extraordinary style. Nonetheless, he kept on a solid attitude and didn’t give up. Because he didn’t want to go back to his old life, he held on to the industry, which led him to meet his future bandmates.

Here is how Sixx recalled the hard times before his life changed forever:

“Also at that time, in 1976, Van Halen, the biggest band in Los Angeles, blew up and was gone, and they changed the music scene forever because no one had ever seen a guitar player like that. Then you had Quiet Riot with Randy, and Quiet Riot had two Japanese record deals. They didn’t have good distribution, but in L.A., they were like it. I would go see them and all that stuff. Then there was London, my band, and when we got Nigel Benjamin, who was the guy who replaced Ian Hunter in Mott The Hoople, that band was Queen (because he had a five-octave range) meets Bowie meets T. Rex. We couldn’t get arrested because they wanted us to do our hair like Flock of Seagulls or the handclaps like U2 does and the Go-Gos, and we’re like, ‘No, this is who we are!’

No record companies would sign us, and when Capitol Records, my own uncle passed on us, Nigel Benjamin with such talent did not have the fortitude to keep it together and keep working, so he quit the band. I was not going to go back to Idaho and work on a Goddamn farm again. I had a dream, and I just kept going, and a lot of that is important for people to understand. Bad shit happens to good people, but you have got to keep going. In fact, you might have to work harder than the next guy, and if I hadn’t continued on, I would have never have formed Mötley Crüe. I would have never have met Tommy, Vince, or Mick… and they changed my life forever.

Thanks to Sixx holding on during his hardships, his life changed forever when he met Neil, Mars, Lee, and the world was introduced to Mötley Crüe. Although the band often made it to the headlines with their over-the-top partying style, their music was highly appreciated and they had nine top 10 albums in the Billboard charts.