Dee Snider Says He And Angus Young Were Credited For Inventing Headbanging

Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider recently replied to a comment saying whether he invented headbanging on his Twitter account. He revealed that he and AC/DC guitarist Angus Young were among the first credited for creating it.

Headbanging is commonly associated with rock, punk, and heavy metal music genres. Although the origin of the term is still contested, it is thought that the audience in the shows of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, and Iron Maiden included some of the first examples of headbanging. It was known from the earlier periods that AC/DC icon Angus Young highly popularized the term.

It has probably become an instinct for many musicians to headband during a live performance, thanks to the rush they are experiencing. However, headbanging also caused various health problems for some of these rockers in the past. Evanescence guitarist Terry Balsamo, Slayer bassist Tom Araya, Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine experienced severe health problems due to frequent headbanging.

Since the originator of headbanging is a matter of curiosity for many people, a Twitter user recently wanted to ask Dee Snider if he was genuine when he claimed to invent headbanging. As a response, the rocker shared a post on his official Twitter page and revealed that he did it, but it happened unintentionally.

Since his hair is long, he would throw his head forward so that his hair wouldn’t come into his face, which was the birth of headbanging. Snider explained that he remembers Kick Ass Monthly in ’78 wrote that he and Angus Young were the first ones who did headbanging. He didn’t like having his hair in front of his face all the time, so he started to do this, but it turned out to be a common move later on.

The user’s comment on Dee Snider’s post:

“You said you invented headbanging.”

Dee Snider’s reply follows:

“I did. But it wasn’t intentional. I would throw my head forward, my hair would cover my face, so I’d throw my head back to get it out of the way. I believe it was the fanzine Kick Ass Monthly in ’78 that said Angus Young and I were the first. I just hated all that hair in my face.”

You can check out the tweets below.