Nikki Sixx Reflects On Vince Neil’s Car Crash, ’It Was The Worst-Case Scenario’

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx joined an interview with Classic Rock in which he talked about the tragic car accident the band’s frontman Vince Nei involved. According to Sixx, it was the worst-case scenario for everyone involved.

Back in late 1984, the Finnish hard rock band Hanoi Rocks was on their second American tour. On December 8, 1984, Razzle and his bandmates visited Vince Neil at his home. They spent the day in Redondo Beach partying for hours. After a while, Neil and Razzle decided to go to a local liquor store.

Vince was driving the car, and he was quite drunk at that time. So, he lost control of the vehicle and hit another car. As a result of the car crash, the two occupants of that car were fatally injured and suffered brain damage while Razzle was killed. Following the incident, Neil was charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Although he was sentenced to 30 days in jail and five years’ probation, ordered to pay $2.6 million in restitution to the victims of the car crash, and undergo 200 hours of community service, Neil was paroled after serving 15 days in jail due to his good behavior. Moreover, Mötley Crüe dedicated their ‘Theatre Of Pain’ album to Razzle.

In an interview on Classic Rock, the interviewer reminded Nikki Sixx of the tragic incident that affected not only Vince but all Mötley Crüe members. He asked the bassist to detail how the unfortunate accident affected the band. As a response, Nikki Sixx stated that the car crash was the worst-case scenario for everybody involved. Moreover, Sixx mentioned that they talked about it a lot at that time, however, they cannot take things back now.

Classic Rock‘s interviewer Henry Yates asked Nikki Sixx that:

“In December 1984, Vince was behind the wheel for the car crash that killed Hanoi Rocks’ drummer, Razzle. How did that incident change the atmosphere in the band?”

Nikki Sixx then responded:

“I think it was the worst-case scenario for everybody involved. We’ve talked about it a lot. It’s just something that Vince… we can’t take it back, you know? And we can’t really say anything more now, because there are families involved.”

Mötley Crüe released their third studio album ‘Theatre Of Pain’ on June 21, 1985. Although the album became a great commercial success, the recording process of it was far from being enjoyable due to Neil’s tragic car accident. This was not a surprise as the incident was one of the worst in the history of rock music.