Slash Discusses The Secret To Guns N’ Roses’ COVID-Free Tour

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash opened up about the band’s recently concluded ‘We’re F’N Back’ tour during an interview with Germany’s Radio Bob!. According to the guitarist, they managed to end their tour without any COVID-19 cases thanks to their intense restrictions.

As many of you know, GN’R kicked off their ‘We’re F’N Back!‘ concert tour back on July 31, 2021, at Hersheypark Stadium. Throughout their North America tour, the band performed 25 successful shows at different locations. It recently ended at the Hard Rock Live Arena with their final concert on October 3, 2021.

Unlike many other bands whose members were diagnosed with COVID-19, hence the postponed dates, Guns N’ Roses surprisingly accomplished to end their entire tour without any cases. Slash recently opened up about the tour and revealed the reason behind this.

While reflecting on the triumph tour, the guitarist stated that the audience was hungry for live performances, which is why every show was energetic. On the other hand, the restrictions were very intense to prevent the band members and their crew from contracting the virus.

Those precautions included no guests after shows, or no guests for that matter, and the Guns N’ Roses members had to stay in their hotel rooms the entire time. In addition to preventing any COVID cases, they aimed to avoid any type of postponement, which worked perfectly for them.

During the interview, Slash said:

“Guns N’ Roses just did a U.S. tour, which was a lot of fun. It was great because you had all these crowds that were super hungry for live gigs. And so it was a very energetic tour. At the same time, we also had a lot of intense restrictions. We didn’t have any kind of aftershow guests, no guests whatsoever, and we never left the hotel pretty much the entire time.

And everybody just had to really keep it together so that we didn’t have somebody get sick and have to postpone the tour and all that kind of stuff. But we made it through unscathed. So it was good.”

You can watch the entire interview down below.