Nikki Sixx Celebrates Financial Victory Over Stalkers Threatening His Family

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx was finally able to get rid of the stalkers that threatened his family.

Earlier, Sixx revealed in an Instagram post that he received disturbing threats aimed at him and his family by a stalker and even involved the FBI to take care of the incident. More recently, he celebrated his financial victory over one of the stalkers. He took to X to share the news with his fans:

“Today we were awarded legal fees from stalker number 2 and are now just awaiting sentencing. People can’t do whatever they want when it comes to my family. It’s important to hold these people accountable.”

When a follower stated ‘the psycho’ got ‘what they deserved,’ Sixx replied:

“Thank you. Also because of the weather the first stalkers sentencing got pushed back a little. That’s coming soon too. We are asking for three years in jail-We are using the legal system to hold bad people accountable. When your daughter and wife get threatened all bets are off…”

How It All Started

Sixx shared numerous posts about his stalkers in the past.

Earlier, he shared that he and his family faced threats and were stalked by a stalker, more specifically, a woman from Tennessee whom he and his family never met. According to his statement, these threats escalated to include explicit harm towards both his child and wife. He made it clear this was not the first time he had been going through problems with stalkers.

In his initial Instagram post, the bassist mentioned that the FBI was investigating the stalker. In the remainder of the statement posted on Instagram, the rock musician also revealed the existence of a second stalker from another part of the country. He described the threats involving his wife and children as ‘beyond alarming.’

Sixx’s Concerns About Meta’s Lack Of Responsibility

In a couple of the few posts he made about the incident, the rock musician condemned Meta for the platform’s insufficient safety measures in the face of the ‘inexcusable’ threats. Addressing the ‘irresponsibility’ of the platform, he expressed in his first tweet:

“Judge’s will rule in a few weeks on both stalker jail times. We have empathy for mental illness but the courtroom is no place for leniency when it comes to protecting your family. Meta has proven to be completely irresponsible and seems more concerned with liability than safety.”

A week later, in a follow-up post, the bassist conveyed his unease about Meta’s actions, especially considering that his family had received a death threat:

“Does anybody else feel Meta should be liable for allowing stalkers to harass my (any) family by using their platform and not policing it, leaving it up online for browsing even after death threats? Who does the responsibility fall on if something happened beyond emotional assault?”

You can see the recent tweets below.