Toto’s David Paich Compares His Career To Paul McCartney And Elton John’s


Toto keyboardist David Paich recently joined Rock Candy Magazine for an interview and compared his career to Paul McCartney and Elton John‘s.

Since 1977, David Paich has been Toto’s principal lyricist, keyboardist, and singer. Throughout his career with the band, Paich wrote or co-wrote many of Toto’s music material, including the hits ‘Hold The Line,’ ‘Africa,’ and ‘Rosanna.’

Apart from contributing to Toto’s 17 albums, Paich is also a songwriter, session musician, and producer. Recently, he decided to embark on a solo career, announcing his long-awaited debut solo record ‘Forgotten Toys.’ After that, Paich released the first single, ‘Spirit Of The Moonrise’ on June 9.

Following ‘Spirit Of The Moonrise,’ Paich released the follow-up single ‘Queen Charade’ on July 14. However, as he has just begun pursuing a music career as a solo artist, the musician doubts his debut solo effort and whether it will be successful.

Speaking to Rock Candy Magazine, David Paich stated he had a decent music career, but iconic solo musicians like Paul McCartney and Elton John are in the music scene. Saying that their careers are unbelievable, Paich stated McCartney and John had written many top 10 hits, and they are the ‘Olympic athletes’ of music.

Speaking to Rock Candy, David Paich said the following about Paul McCartney and Elton John:

“I’ve had a decent career. But there are people like Paul McCartney and Elton John who are breathing their rarefied air. Those guys are beyond belief. They’ve written, what, 50 or 60 Top 10 hits, and that’s just unbelievable. They’re like the Olympic athletes of music.”

Getting ready to release his solo debut ‘Forgotten Toys’ on August 19, David Paich seems scared about being a solo musician among the most significant artists like Paul McCartney and Elton John. It’s safe to say that Paich does not need to worry about his upcoming works considering the hits he wrote for Toto.