Nikki Sixx And Vince Neil Get Together With Hanoi Rocks’ Michael Monroe

Mötley Crüe and Hanoi Rock’s Michael Monroe are currently rocking for fans at Rockfest in Finland. From Nikki Sixx‘s Instagram post and Mitch Lafon’s tweet, Vince Neil and Monroe seem to have buried the hatchet. Here’s what Sixx wrote in his post:

What a wonderful surprise seeing Michael Monroe at the show tonight. I haven’t seen this fine gentleman for years with everybody’s personal life on top of careers and living in different parts of the world. You’re a class act Michael, and please bring your harmonica next time.”

Besides Sixx’s post, Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon tweeted a pick of Neil and Monroe having a chat backstage at the festival and wrote:

“Backstage in Finland today. Hanoi Rocks’ Michael Monroe exchanged pleasantries with a Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil.”

Ever since the tragic night former Hanoi Rocks’ drummer ‘Razzle’ Dingley passed away from the car accident when Neil was at the wheel very drunk and lost control of the car on the way back from the store and hit another vehicle, the two musicians haven’t been in each other radars.

As a result of the accident, each member of Hanoi Rocks had a different response to what happened. Andy McCoy talked to ‘Artists On Record’ last summer and said:

“I’ve never even got as much as an apology from that motherf*cker. You know who I’m talking about. I’m not going to give any names. Why would I give him fame? F*ck him! Every time I see him, he runs away. Because he knows what I’d do, but that’s our business.”

On the other hand, bassist Sami Yaffa shared on ‘Waste Some Time with Jason Green,’ that it was a tragic accident; he explained:

“I can’t put a finger at that. It was an accident, and I can’t live with the hate in my life. It’s completely useless to hate some guy for something that happened. It was the way that we lived that Razzle lived, and he wanted to be in a fast car. He didn’t think it was party time and an accident happened. It was also horrible for the people in the car they crashed into. It was horrible for Vincent because he had to live with it every day.”

You can see Nikki Sixx’s Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Nikki Sixx – Instagram