Nikki Sixx Addresses Tommy Lee’s Plans In Mötley Crüe Stadium Tour

Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx recently joined the Nikki Omen Show and talked about the band’s upcoming tour. Sixx also reflected on whether Tommy Lee will perform his well-known roller coaster drum solo during the band’s performances in the Stadium Tour.

After the two-year pandemic halt, like many musicians and bands, Mötley Crüe has also started getting ready for their 2022 tour. Known as one of the most notorious bands both on and off stage, Crüe has always put on a show. From messy hotels to pranking each other and living the rock and roll lifestyle to the fullest, they are known as one of the most reckless musicians in the rock and roll world.

Aside from their backstage antics, the band members also achieved popularity with their unique stage costumes and performances. In fact, they even raised the bar after they made the drummer Tommy Lee twirl around in a glass cage while playing the drums. Now that the Stadium Tour is approaching, fans can’t help but wonder what to expect from the band’s highly-anticipated shows.

Nikki Omen also wondered if there will be any stunts in their upcoming tour and made Nikki Sixx address their plans. When he was asked about Lee’s roller coaster drums, Sixx simply replied with a smile and didn’t give any definite answers about their plans. Since Mötley Crüe has toyed with fire stunts throughout the years, Sixx doesn’t think it would be original anymore. However, the bassist is sure that Mötley Crüe will blow their fans’ minds with the stage shows they will present in the upcoming tour.

Here is what Nikki Omen asked:

“Are we gonna see like previous tours Tommy on a roller coaster or whatnot?”

To which Nikki Sixx responded:

“We have some very, very cool things that are in development. Let’s say. Different than anything we’ve done before. Here’s my thought on pyro, by the way. I love pyro. If you know anything about me, you’re like, ‘Yeah, Nikki used to light himself on fire.’

You’re not talking to a guy who doesn’t like fire, but you’re talking to a guy who every time I turn on a baseball game or a football game or some D-level band, they’ve all got this, ‘fire goes up, the fire goes down. Fire goes up, the fire goes down.’ I just feel like for us, if we were covered in fire retardant, we had fire shooting at us.

I had a flamethrower. Unless you’re going to go the Rammstein route, who I love, we need to rethink what we can do to blow your mind, and that’s where we’re at right now.”

You can watch the interview with Nikki Omen below.