George Lynch Sets One Financial Condition To Reunite Dokken

George Lynch might reunite with Dokken under one condition.

The guitarist recently joined a conversation with and talked about a possible Dokken reunion:

“I would only come back if it was an equal split. We all worked equally hard. We all contributed equally. We’ve had plenty of offers, on the touring and recording level. And they’ve been pretty decent, substantial offers. But it always falls apart because one person in particular wants the lion’s share. And that’s not that’s not acceptable. So it probably will never happen.”

Lynch’s Previous Words On The Issue

Lynch also reflected on the same topic last year. He talked with Total Rock and said he didn’t want to bring Dokken together for the wrong reasons:

“I pretty much doubt it. Mick [Brown] has quit playing drums, sold his kit. He’s not a drummer anymore. His brother Steve, who’s very similar to him, does play with [me and former Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson] in The End Machine. Mick played on the first The End Machine record. We [use] Steve Brown now. So Steve Brown would be a natural fit for a Dokken reunion. But Jeff’s been in Foreigner for 14 years. I’ve got nine different bands. We’re all older guys.”

He explained why reuniting Dokken would be difficult:

“And, really, to put a Dokken reunion together would be very, very difficult — politically, personally. And then we have to ask ourselves the honest question: would it just be a money grab, or would it be a great record; would it be a great book end? We’ve got ‘Breaking The Chains’ and ‘Tooth And Nail’ and ‘Under Lock And Key’ and ‘Back For The Attack.’ Is it gonna hold up to that, or are we just too far past that? And the answer is I think that ship has sort of already left the harbor.”

The latest Dokken lineup, now with only Don Dokken from the original members, features Don on vocals, Jon Levin on guitar, Chris McCarvill on bass, and Bill ‘BJ’ Zampa on drums. They released a new album named ‘Heaven Comes Down’ last year.