Nick Mason Addresses Pink Floyd’s Peaceful Period With Roger Waters

Pink Floyd had its fair share of personal feuds, but, as it turns out, the recording process of ‘Animals’ wasn’t among the challenging times the band had to endure. Nick Mason recently discussed the making of the album with Goldmine and revealed that the period was smooth sailing, and everyone was pretty happy, including the ever-grumpy Roger Waters.

“That’s not really how I review it now,” Mason said as he discussed if Roger had taken full leadership while recording ‘Animals.’ “I think, in hindsight, one could say, yeah, that was starting to happen. But I think at the time, we probably were [still] at the stage of working together.”

The period was thought to be overshadowed by feuds, but it was relatively peaceful. Nick recalled, “Funnily enough, I think it was all a rather sort of cheerful period. We’re always seen as being at war with each other permanently, but actually, it was great. We were surrounded by friends and family, almost. Roger’s house was walking distance from it, and I’d have been a bike ride away from it if I rode a bike, but I don’t.”

Waters hadn’t taken complete leadership during the period, and everyone was pretty relaxed at the studio. The drummer added, “It really was a situation where you could go off and play snooker. Roger had not spent that much time specifying the tape recorders, but he did spend time on getting a snooker table.”

So, even though Pink Floyd struggled with personal feuds between bandmates, the recording process of ‘Animals’ wasn’t as bad as one might think. Mason discussed that Waters hadn’t assumed full leadership during the time, and the band still shared the joy of teamwork and working together.