Nick Cave On Fans’ Letters Over His Son’s Death, ‘They’re A Great Source Of Comfort’

After the rock singer and songwriter Nick Cave’s son Jethro Lazenby passed away on May 10, his fans started sending him support. Recently, Cave replied to one of these support fan letters and stated that they are a great comfort to him in this saddening period of grief.

Nick Cave is a successful songwriter and singer that ventured into acting, screenwriting, and being an author. In the rock and roll world, he is known as the frontman of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. However, his life has been filled with tragedies starting with the loss of his son Arthur in 2015 when he fell off a cliff and passed away from his injuries.

Another sad news came on May 10 when his son Jethro, born in 1991 from his relationship with Beau Lazenby. Jethro was a fashion model, rapper, actor, and photographer who was making a living for himself in the field of arts. He was known to have shown interest in the music world in recent years. Unfortunately for his family, he passed away after suffering from mental illnesses for a long time.

As his family is still grieving, Nick Cave’s fans showed him their support by fan mail. These pieces of support became an excellent system for Cave to pass over the grief period with comfort. In one of the emails, a fan stated that they sent him love and condolences, to which then the singer replied by saying that it brings great comfort.

Here is what the fan sent him:

“Dear Nick,

I have no question for you today. I just wanted to send my heartfelt condolences on the tragic loss of Jethro. All I can do is offer the collective love of all who read your letters.

Much love to you and all your family.”

And Nick replied:

“Dear Teresa,

Thank you for your letter. Many others have written to me about Jethro, sending condolences and kind words. These letters are a great source of comfort, and I’d like to thank all of you for your support.

I’ll be back to The Red Hand Files in a few weeks.

Love, Nick”

Cave moved to LA after his son Arthur’s death occurred in Britain. The singer was too upset to continue his life in the country. He released his recent album ‘Ghosteen’ with his band in 2020 and received a gold certification.