Nick Banks Explains Why Pulp Rejected Oasis As Their Support Act

Pulp drummer Nick Banks recently revealed why the band rejected Oasis’ offer of being their support act in the early 90s. During a recent interview with NME, the drummer explained not only why, but also who turned the offer down. He said:

“It was Jarvis’ [Cocker] decision. They were offered to us, and it was just after they had that kerfuffle on the ferry [in 1994] and our thinking was Pulp had always railed against that laddish boorish culture of ‘Whooo, get yer tits out for the lads’ and football.'”

He added:

“We were not part of that scenario; we were something different. Although it would have been a good laugh having Oasis on tour.”

Although the band didn’t have a tour with Oasis, they played together as last-minute replacements for The Verve in 1995. The drummer explained why The Verve was replaced:

“Our gig before Glastonbury – playing with Oasis – only happened because of another broken-bone when one of The Verve smashed their hand hitting someone, so they had to pull out.”

In another interview, Noel Gallagher chatted about Blur and Pulp reuniting for new shows and songs. Gallagher didn’t know the two bands were coming back together but still wished them luck. He also considered Pulp’s reunion an adult thing, which his band was ‘very far from adult about it.’ He said:

“I didn’t know that, but good luck to them! Blur never split up, did they? Pulp never split up, they just went and did other things, which is the adult way of doing it. Sadly my f*cking band were very far from adult about it. It was a bit more crash and burn.”

Pulp will be performing at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico, scheduled to take place on November 17.

The band played their unreleased song ‘Hymn Of The North’ in their July 15 dated reunion show. See the performance below.