Les Claypool On Using A Technique In New Primus Song Similar To Pink Floyd

Primus vocalist and bassist Les Claypool recently answered the questions of Goldmine Magazine in an interview he joined. Claypool stated that Pink Floyd‘s style inspired him for the ending of Primus’ newly-released song named ‘Conspiranoia.’

On April 22, 2022, Primus released an EP entitled ‘Conspiranoid,’ including three tracks. ‘Follow the Fool,’ ‘Erin on the Side of Caution,’ and ‘Conspiranoia’ talk about the themes of misinformation and conspiracy theories that have gained popularity during the pandemic.

‘Conspiranoia’ initially came out as a single, and it became the band’s longest song, eleven minutes. Les Claypool’s son Cage helped create the music video for ‘Conspiranoia.’ It criticizes America’s extreme rightists’ conspiracy theories and culture satirically. ‘Conspiranoia’ has referred to many matters such as Covid-19, flat earth, and Donald Trump.

The writer of all songs in the EP, Les Claypool, stated that he did not want his son to show the lyrics at the song’s end when a crowd was talking. Claypool resembled the ending to ‘Money’ by Pink Floyd as people were speaking in the background. The vocalist also added that they wanted to use the conspiracy theories they found via people from social media; however, it was not legal to put them in the song.

Les Claypool explained when the interviewer asked about the ending of the song:

“I didn’t want him to display them in the video because they aren’t really part of the lyrics that I wrote. It’s very similar to the end of Pink Floyd’s ‘Money,’ where people are just rambling on. What we really wanted to do was take online interviews from actual conspiracists and use them, but you can’t legally do that.”

You can listen to ‘Conspiranoia’ and ‘Money’ below.