Bruce Springsteen’s Producer Says Bruce’s Core Audience Is Tough

During an interview made by Backstreets, Bruce Springsteen’s producer Jon Landau has commented upon his core audience, saying they are tough.

It is known that Bruce Springsteen has returned to the stage with his Springsteen On Broadway performances after a long break due to the pandemic restrictions. If you are not familiar with it, Springsteen On Broadway is a concert residency performed by Bruce Springsteen during which he tells stories from his life and makes music. The shows were started earlier in June and will continue through September with additional performances at St. James Theatre, allowing only vaccinated fans to see the show.

Jon Landau, the Springsteen On Broadway’s producer, has recently made an appearance on Backstreets’ interview and talked about the show as well as commenting on Bruce’s metamorphosis seen through the show’s progress. Jon told the interviewer that Bruce is far more ‘Bruce’ in the present shows as the performances had more formality at the beginning, and being a producer he was also thrilled for the show’s return.

Landau has also commented upon Bruce’s audience. He called them white blank pages of the book of life that Bruce refers to in his show, and said that during the show it’s the artist and audience who create something together. Jon then revealed that it is Bruce Springsteen’s magic trick, creating the notion of ‘us,’ bringing the audience close together with himself. He has also described Bruce Springsteen’s audience as a ‘tough’ one, saying they are very astute, setting quite high standards while being very demanding. He then added although how tough-minded they are, any true fan cannot walk away from the show without being deeply affected.

Jon Landau said during the interview that:

Look, at the end of the day, it’s the guy on the stage, or the woman on the stage, and the audience. And does it happen? Does the event happen? It’s like Bruce says, six o’clock, you’re looking at four walls and empty seats. Those are the blank white pages of the book of life that he refers to in the show. And at eight o’clock, people are seated, and then it’s up to all the people there — the artist and the audience — to create something that everybody will remember. That’s his magic trick, creating that ‘us.’ For those two hours and 30 minutes, I think we ran last night… there is an ‘us.’

I know how tough Bruce’s core audience is. It’s very astute and sets very high standards. It’s quite demanding. But I’d be very hard-pressed to see any true fan walk away from this without being deeply affected. I don’t care how tough-minded you are. You can’t argue with this show!”

Apart from his Springsteen On Broadway, Bruce is also planning to go on a tour with E Street Band in 2022. He has been planning to release music in the future as he is known to give clues about a possible new studio album in May 2021. He is also known to have collaborated with Killers for the song ‘Dustland.’