Wolfgang Van Halen Says ‘It Was What My Father Wanted’ On His Debut Album


Mammoth WVH’s Wolfgang Van Halen recently shared a post to celebrate the first anniversary of his album on his official Instagram account. The musician also expressed his feelings about the process and stated that his father, Eddie Van Halen, would want him to continue along with giving exciting news.

In 2006, Wolf became Van Halen’s new bassist replacing longtime member Michael Anthony, which can be considered his first step to a professional career as a musician. He proved he was as talented as Eddie Van Halen in a short time, thanks to his great effort and natural-born talent. Apart from his career in the iconic band, Wolf started working on his solo project, a group later named Mammoth WVH, in 2015.

While working on the album, Wolf went through hard times due to his father’s battle with cancer, which eventually led to his death on October 6, 2020, at the age of 65, Almost a month after his passing, Wolf dropped a single from the album on November 16, 2020, to pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Then, The bassist released the band’s self-titled solo album on June 11, 2021, which received very positive reviews from critics and rock music lovers.

In his recent post, Van Halen revealed that it was Mammoth WVH’s debut album’s first anniversary, saying that he had to fight with loss, self-doubt, and anxiety by defining creating music as an emotional and bittersweet process. Wolf admitted that following his father’s passing and Van Halen’s disbanding, he didn’t know whether he was ready or not for the new chapter.

However, the only thing he was sure of was Eddie Van Halen wished him never to stop chasing his dreams. Wolf shared his gratefulness for what Mammoth WVH has done so far and his fan’s neverending love and support. In addition, the musician announced that he would return to the studio for the upcoming second album from Mammoth WVH by promising it won’t last too long.

Wolf’s IG post read:

“Today marks the 1st anniversary of the first Mammoth WVH album.

Releasing this music was such a huge thing for me in so many different ways. It was exciting, emotional, bittersweet, and a relief. It was the culmination of years of work, trial and error, loss, self-doubt, and anxiety. It was a long road that led me to figure out who I was as my person and artist. I discovered who I was through the process and arrived at something I could truly be proud of.

It began a new chapter in my life that I’m not sure I was even ready for, but I jumped in anyway. I knew it was the right thing because it was what Pop wanted. I wish I could’ve shared the whole experience with him. I know he’d be proud and stoked with how everything has gone thus far.”

He continued:

“I’m blown away by what Mammoth has accomplished this past year, and I’m incredibly grateful. None of this would’ve happened without the amazing support from all of you. So with all of my heart, I’ve gotta say thank you.

(PS: I’ll be heading into the studio in a few months to start working on the second album, and I couldn’t be more excited. I promise not to take as long as I did with the first one).”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Wolf Van Halen – Instagram