Nergal Shares That His Childhood Traumas Made Him A Vocalist

Music has often helped artists become who they are and feel heard and seen by pools of people screaming their names. Behemoth’s Nergal recently shared with Chaoszine that his childhood, during which he thought he wasn’t heard or seen enough by his parents, made him want to be a vocalist to make his voice heard by so many people around the world.

“I think the reason why I wanted to stand with a guitar on the stage and play and sing was my ego,” he explained before talking about the impact of his childhood on him becoming a musician. “That’s what I’m coming up with those reflections now, actually during my therapy sessions. I wasn’t heard much by my parents. They were lovely people who still are, but I guess I just wanted to be heard.”

The frontman continued, “I don’t think I was heard when I was a kid because they were not big partners for me to have a dialogue with, and my mom is still the same person. She’s, you know, I can talk to her, and I feel like what I’m saying, like she’s not processing that. I think it was the same when I was a kid, so basically, any artist goes up there to be heard and to be seen to make something to make a statement to be recognized as wide as possible.”

The vocalist has received the attention he needed to express himself with his stage persona and music with Behemoth. The band released their twelfth full-length album ‘Opvs Contra Natvram’ this past September, and they recently wrapped up the European Siege tour with Arch Enemy, Carcass, and Unto Others.