Neal Schon Asks AI to Summarize His Career: The Outcome Is Incredible!

Neal Schon wanted AI to give a history of him.

In a recent tweet, the guitarist shared a screenshot of AI’s reply to him when he asked about his bio. He wrote in the caption:

“In case you’ll don’t know anything about a bit of my history… according to (AI).”

What Did AI Say About Schon?

After talking about how he started playing guitar and formed Journey, AI detailed his playing style:

“Schon’s playing style is characterized by his technical proficiency, emotional expressiveness, and versatility across various musical genres. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest guitarists in rock music history and has influenced countless musicians with his innovative approach to the instrument.”

In the rest of its reply, AI mentioned Schon’s other side projects and collaborations and continued:

“With a career spanning several decades, Neal Schon continues to be a prominent figure in the music industry, captivating audiences around the world with his exceptional musicianship and enduring legacy as a rock guitar icon.”

Journey’s Upcoming Possible Show

Schon hinted last month that Journey might play a residency at the new Sphere venue in Las Vegas. The rocker reposted Sphere performances and said to check his comment about a residency. He wrote that Journey could play there, comparing it to his Journey Through Time project. When a fan asked if it was a hint, Schon confirmed: ‘Yes to Sphere.’ He again wrote on Facebook:

“How many of you would like the See a Journey Through Time Type concept concert playing our music spanning from beginning to now at Sphere?”

Fans were excited about the possible show at Sphere. One fan expressed love for the idea and wished to hear songs they missed live. Another fan was impressed by a U2 show at Sphere and thought the venue was perfect for Journey Through Time.

You can see his tweet below.