Kirk Hammett Releases The Final Chapter Of His Horror Story

Kirk Hammett of Metallica just posted the grand finale to his horror story ‘I Have To Get Rid Of This Guitar I Found’ on his official TikTok and Twitter accounts.

Not only is the lead guitarist a staunch follower of horror, but he also started writing a horror story himself and posting it in the ‘No Sleep’ sub on Reddit. The story is titled ‘I Have To Get Rid Of This Guitar I Found,’ and Kirk published its first chapter on September 10. The storyline begins with the character Abigail finding recordings of her brother, William ‘Wills’ Forte, that emit ‘an evil energy.’ While trying to make sense of her brother’s mysterious journals, Abigail crosses paths with Kirk Hammett, and the famous guitarist gets involved and becomes the storyteller.

Kirk shares chapters of the story on TikTok with guitar riffs to match the tone. The music used in the TikTok videos adds another layer to the story and enriches the reader’s experience. Part of the reason it has such an effect is that the music used is claimed to be the rendition of Abigail’s brother’s recordings since they ‘cannot allow the actual sounds from the cassette to be released.’ Thus, it is clear that Kirk has incorporated the ‘based on a true story‘ cliché of horror literature into his work very efficiently since no one knows whether these recordings are real or not.

Hammett revealed the final chapter of his story through Twitter a couple of days ago. In the sixth and final chapter, titled ‘Lost in the Fire Lands,’ we see a narrator who engages with the ‘demonic’ recordings and starts losing sleep and confusing fact and fiction. The narrator admits that they have created a dark world with music while ‘the demon recreated the world’ with him. Kirk took this demonic feeling one layer further with the TikTok video he shared exposing increasingly dark riffs. Combined with the background music, it’s for sure a story that horror fans will enjoy reading.

Kirk Hammett’s latest Twitter post read:

“The Final Chapter! I Have To Get Rid Of This Guitar I Found.”

His story on Reddit got some pretty good feedback from readers, even recommending he publishes a horror book or makes a horror movie. Kirk also seems to enjoy doing something creative and has used horror elements quite well in his story. So, this idea is no doubt really exciting.

You can check out the recent Twitter post of Kirk Hammett and get the link to the story below.