Nancy Wilson Believes Steven Tyler Could Have Been Mick Jagger’s American Version

Forty rockers shared their favorite Aerosmith moments, and one of those people was no other than Heart’s Nancy Wilson.

Wilson shared her thoughts with Guitar World and noted that Steven Tyler could have been Mick Jagger’s American version.

During both bands’ earlier years, Heart opened for Aerosmith. Wilson, touching on the ‘coolness factor,’ said about the tour and the singer:

“Heart opened for Aerosmith a few times in the late ’70s, and opening for them quadrupled our coolness factor. Joe and Steven were super-sweet to us, and there was no sabotage to the opening band by the headlining band, which was often the case.”

Resembling the Aerosmith rocker to Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, she continued:

“We’d been plagued by being unplugged or PA systems running at half-volume, but Aerosmith was a class act. Steven could have been Mick Jagger’s American brother and was certainly precocious enough, to say the least.”

Wilson Sisters’ Appreciation for Aerosmith

Although Ann and Nancy Wilson no longer belong to the same band, the two have the same appreciation for Aerosmith. In August 2021, Ann performed her songs at Hampton Beach and included one cover from the band. It was no other than the hit, ‘Dream On.’

Below, you can watch Ann’s performance.