Sebastian Bach Recalls When Axl Rose Almost Fell Out Of A Helicopter

Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach recently recalled during an interview when he was with Axl Rose in a helicopter. The singer stated that he was ready to catch Rose because he thought he was going to fall.

Bach is mainly known as the frontman of Skid Row, but he quit in 1996 due to the increasing tensions between him and the rest of the band members. After Skid Row, he successfully established a solo career and even extended his talents to Broadway and on screen. Bach started to tour with big names like Guns N’ Roses in 2009-2010, opening for them during their Chinese Democracy tour.

He recently recalled when Axl Rose was in a bad mood and almost fell out of the helicopter they were traveling in as he was constantly moving around. He described the event while laughing and stated that it was actually a funny story.

According to Bach, then-Guns N’ Roses manager Merck Mercuriadis told Bach to get in the helicopter with Rose, and so he did. However, Rose was angry at something, and he wouldn’t sit but kept ‘fidgeting around.’ In the end, Bach got himself ready to hold him if he were to fall or jump and stated that he would be his ‘personal seatbelt’ if necessary.

Here is the story as told by Sebastian Bach:

“That was after Castle Donington in like 2006, and he was in a rotten mood. This is really funny, you know that guy Merck Mercuriadis? He’s the exact person who’s buying every classic Rock catalog of publishing from every band. He was managing Guns N’ Roses at that time. We had a helicopter, there’s only two seats in the helicopter, so Axl was in a bad mood.

Merk is standing at the helicopter waiting to get on to fly back to England, and he goes, ‘Hey Bach get on the helicopter!’ He makes me get on the helicopter. There is no room for Merk, he had to drive like four hours with the fans back to England, he was so pissed.

I was the one next to Axl, he was in such a bad mood. We were in a helicopter, and he was fidgeting around. I was looking at him and thought ‘Is he gonna jump the hell out of this thing right now?’ Like, you never know what’s gonna happen and I was ready to catch him if he was gonna try to jump. I was gonna be his own personal seatbelt if he was gonna try stuff like that.”

It is currently a funny memory for Bach and probably Rose as well. However, this could have been a tragic accident for Rose, costing him his career and life. Rock and roll fans are used to rockstars living like it’s the last day of their lives. However, if this were to result badly, the consequences would be heartbreaking for the rock world.