David Ellefson Recalls How Dave Mustaine Reacted To Nick Menza’s Death

Megadeth bass guitarist David Ellefson spoke in a recent interview with Waste Some Time With Jason Green and revealed how Dave Mustaine reacted to Nick Menza’s death.

As you may already know, Menza was the drummer of Megadeth between 1989-1998. Also, he played for Megadeth in 2004. Unfortunately, he passed away due to heart failure in 2016 at the age of 51.

In the conversation, David talked about the time when they got the news of Menza’s passing. He said that Dave called in the middle of the night in tears and told him that Menza passed away.

Furthermore, David mentioned that even though things didn’t work out with Menza musically, they were good friends with him. However, the friendship between Menza and Dave was closer than the rest of the members and that’s why Dave was so emotional about the death of Menza.

Here is what David Ellefson said:

“I remember we were in Albany, New York on the ‘Dystopia’ tour, and Dave called me in the middle of the night, in tears, just shaken up. He goes, ‘Oh my God. Nick’s dead.’ I was, like, ‘What?’ It was the middle of the night.

I was, like, ‘Huh? Who is this?’ And he said, he goes, ‘Man, my son Justis just told me,’ and I was, like, ‘Oh my God.’ So it was heart-wrenching.

Look, despite it not working out musically, and kind of business-wise, with us there toward the end, there was definitely a brotherhood. And I think especially with Dave and Nick — those two guys, they were buddies in a way probably the others of us weren’t.

Nick and I were kind of, like, health buddies — playing tennis and mountain bike riding, when I was sober and getting clean; he was big on that. But Dave and Nick had a very rock and roll, fun… They could hang. They had a cool friendship, I think.”

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