Myles Kennedy Names His Favorite Steve Vai Song Written During Fasting

Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy recently spoke to Guitar Player and picked his favorite guitar solos. Kennedy revealed that his favorite Steve Vai guitar solo is ‘For the Love of God.’

Besides his music career with Alter Bridge, Myles Kennedy has been also pursuing a successful solo career. His solo journey started with his debut studio album ‘Year of the Tiger,’ which was released in 2018. Kennedy’s second solo album ‘The Ides of March’ was released on May 14, 2021 and it mostly received positive reviews from the critics.

In a conversation with Guitar Player, Myles Kennedy was asked to list his favorite solos and said that his favorite from the legendary guitarist Steve Vai is ‘For the Love of God,’ which is an instrumental guitar piece. The track was a part of Steve Vai’s second studio album, ‘Passion and Warfare,’ released in 1990.

Kennedy explained that this solo is special to him because it was recorded during a fasting period of Steve Vai. When Vai recorded ‘For the Love of God,’ he was on the fourth day of his ten-day fast. Thus, he was certainly in a different mental mood when he recorded it. It is accepted as a very powerful instrumental piece as it was listed among the 100 greatest solos of all time by Guitar World.

Here is how Myles Kennedy revealed his thoughts on the track:

“Steve recorded this in an altered mental state during a fasting period. Perhaps that explains how this track has the ability to pull you into another realm. It’s truly transcendent.”

You can listen to Steve Vai’s ‘For the Love of God’ below.