Nikki Sixx Thanks Fans And Haters Amid Mick Mars Controversy

Nikki Sixx recently posted a note thanking all his fans and haters for everything they’ve done in these last forty years via Facebook, and when you think about the ongoing Mick Mars controversy, you can’t help but see how the message feels insinuating a bit.

So, when Mars announced he’d decided to quit touring a few months ago, things all seemed smooth sailing on the Mötley Crüe front, as the guitarist’s bandmates seemed to support his decision. However, the peace and quiet only lasted for a while, as Mick recently filed a lawsuit, accusing his former buddies of trying to cast him out of the band and its earnings.

Mötley camp, however, targeted the rocker’s management and legal team for manipulating him while stating they wanted nothing but the best for their former guitarist. Sixx, especially, tweeted a message expressing his sadness over Mars’ lawsuit while suggesting that the band carried him on their backs for all these years.

That remark, of course, didn’t sit well with some fans, as they started harshly criticizing the bassist for belittling Mick’s contribution and legacy in the band. So, with all the recent criticism he received over that tweet and as the Mars controversy divided fans into two groups, it seemed that Nikki thought this was the perfect time to thank both his fans and… Haters.

The rocker discussed how busy they’ve been these last months, only recently wrapping a South American tour with Def Leppard. He continued by remarking on their upcoming plan to headline the NFL drafts while stating they’re also almost finished with Mötley Crüe’s next record.

Sixx also discussed how the band was getting ready to tour in Europe, so, with all his busy schedule and hustle, he was thankful for each and every fan and hater while hinting that Mötley Crüe was far away from reaching the finish line and retiring.

Nikki’s message stated:

“I have to say, when I was a teenager, I had no idea being in a band could garner so much love and so much hate. What a great original journey I’ve got to travel over the years, watching people have so many feelings about our band. Thank you.

We just left rehearsal finally because they kicked us out. After we ran the set, we just sat around and cracked jokes and enjoyed not playing or recording for the moment. Tomorrow we headline the NFL before heading back to the studio. Pretty much wrapped up most of the songs, so it’s all vocals from here on out.

These songs are personal. You’ll understand more later. Being in a band for 42 years, you have to constantly look for inspiration – and I can’t believe we’re leaving soon for Europe. We’re going to be there for two months. I’m bringing my family and going to really make a point to get out and also make time for some photography.

Leica Camera sent me the new M11 and the SL2 to test out. Can’t wait and can’t wait to play all these shows. I’m just living in gratitude every day. And thank you to the lovers and the haters. You keep me inspired. Oh, and as you can see, we actually never took a break. Just came home from tour and back to work. I guess I’ll rest next time I die?”

Mötley Crüe’s upcoming record lacks the contribution of Mick, as John 5 took on the duties of the guitarist as the fourth member of the act. So, with the ongoing lawsuit and some fans criticizing the band for ‘doing wrong’ to Mars, it seems that Sixx is grateful for all the love and, well, hatred.