Nikki Sixx’s First Public Reaction To Mick Mars After Lawsuit

Nikki Sixx recently reacted to his former bandmate and, possibly, former friend, Mick Mars‘ lawsuit against Mötley Crüe and discussed how sad it was that things had to go this way on Twitter.

Mick had made the headlines only a few months ago when he announced he would no longer tour with the band due to his longtime health struggles. However, the statement made it clear that Mars wished to remain a band member, and at the time, things seemed smooth sailing with the Mötley Crüe front, but apparently, they weren’t.

The guitarist only recently took things to court, filing a lawsuit and challenging his bandmates for allegedly trying to out him from the band’s profits. He even brutally criticized singer Vince Neil and drummer Tommy Lee by calling them ‘felons‘ and making it clear that he hadn’t been on good terms with the pair for a while.

So, as Mars challenged his former buddies to remain as an official band member and not give away his shares of Mötley Crüe, bassist Sixx tweeted that he was sad to hear Mick chose to fight them rather than settling things with peace. He then suggested the guitarist’s lawyers possibly manipulated him, finishing off his words by saying he still loved and wished the best for Mars despite the lawsuit.

Sixx’s words on his former bandmate’s recent lawsuit:

“Sad day for us, and we don’t deserve this considering how many years we’ve been propping him up-We still wish him the best and hope he finds lawyers and managers who aren’t damaging him. We love you, Mick.”

Nikki’s expression about ‘propping Mars up’ then set Twitter ablaze since numerous fans came to defend the guitarist by calling out the bassist for underestimating his former bandmate and criticizing him for his choice of words. Some even reminded him that Vince Neil is still a member of the band.

After seeing Nikki’s tweet, a fan wrote:

“Yikes, come on, brother Sixx, lighten up on brother Mick Mars? Propping him up? I hate seeing this; why? We all get the dirt blanket and cement pillow one day, and you never know when the day arrives. Like brother ‘King,’ then it’s too late for forgiveness.”

Another one added:

“‘We’ve been propping him up.’ Really?”

A fan described Nikki Sixx’s comment as a ‘low blow’:

“Mick learned to shred twice in his life. As someone who’s had back surgery, it’s kind of a low blow to say, ‘propping him up.'”

It seemed that Nikki believed Mick’s lawyers and management were manipulating him, stating Mötley Crüe had done their best to support him at every chance they got through their lengthy careers. It was sad for the bassist to see things had to go this way while he sent out his love for his former buddy and wished him the best.

However, fans weren’t as pleased with Sixx’s statement, calling him out for his words and claiming Mötley never needed to prop Mars up in any way, criticizing how it was a ‘low blow’ to say that to a longtime bandmate and companion.