Liam Gallagher Slams Fans For Criticizing Him Singing Oasis

Liam Gallagher has been on his own for years, but it seems like the rocker still enjoys singing an Oasis song or two. However, some fans weren’t pleased with him singing his former band’s tracks. So, Gallagher took it to Twitter, addressed the criticism in the most Liam Gallagher way, and well, he wasn’t particularly nice.

“People bang on about me playing too many Oasis tunes can kiss my ars*,” tweeted Liam and continued by assuring everyone that he will be singing Oasis tracks. “Seeing those kids’ faces when I drop them tunes is biblical. Oasis will never die.”

However, the rocker known for his sharp tongue obviously wasn’t done. Soon after, he wrote another tweet and said, “Anyone who got a problem with me singing Oasis tunes ain’t real Oasis fans there just massive c*nts.” Gallagher added, “Oasis till I die.”

Liam had been singing his former band’s tracks during his gigs, and some of Oasis’ fans weren’t happy with his decision. Maybe it was because they wanted to listen to Liam’s solo projects, or perhaps they believed he disrespected his brother, Noel Gallagher, and Oasis or took credit for the band’s sound. Still, whatever reason, Liam clearly has no intention of giving into his fans’ wishes.