MTV Doesn’t Award Evanescence Or Foo Fighters And Chooses Mainstream Music

John Mayer’s video for ‘Last Train Home’ won the Best Rock Video Award during the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, beating nominees such as Evanescence’s ‘Use My Voice,’ Foo Fighters’ ‘Shame Shame,’ and The Killers’ ‘My Own Soul’s Warning.’ Although fans are happy for Mayer, they think MTV awarded a more radio-friendly version of rock rather than real rock ‘n’ roll once again.

We all know by now that MTV stopped celebrating rock or metal music decades ago. The two genres received the least respect and time during the channel’s award shows, although it was promoted with the words ‘Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll‘ when first established.

Although MTV was a channel that once concentrated on rock music, they slowly stopped airing rock music videos and creating a platform for the genre during their award shows. Furthermore, MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and MTV Millenial Awards don’t even air the winners of rock categories from time to time.

Since it’s evident that MTV has given up on rock and metal music and focused on what’s mainstream and brings money, and this year’s MTV Video Music Awards was not an exception. They nominated Evanescence’s ‘Use My Voice,’ Foo Fighters’ ‘Shame Shame,’ The Killers’ ‘My Own Soul’s Warning,’ Kings of Leon’s ‘The Bandit,’ and Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Raise Vibration’ for the Best Rock Video Award.

While the list of nominees surprised rock and roll fans since it included well-appreciated rock musicians, the winner was heartbreaking for many since it was John Mayer’s music video for ‘Last Train Home.’ While it wouldn’t be fair to say he didn’t deserve the award, many fans think the other nominees reflect rock music better.

Furthermore, VMAs didn’t announce the category during the televised ceremony, and the winner for the Best Rock Video Award was revealed after the entire show had ended. Not only was it disrespectful to ignore a main category of rock during the show, but it was also living proof that MTV couldn’t care less about rock and metal music until it becomes mainstream again.

Watch the music video for ‘Last Train Home’ and some of the other nominees below.