Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx Comments On Paul McCartney’s Post, Fans Suspect A Collaboration

The Beatles co-founder and songwriter Paul McCartney recently posted a photo on his Instagram account with which he showed off his daughter Stella’s latest project, and Mötley Crüe co-founder and bassist Nikki Sixx commented under the photo and thanked the rockstar for his contribution to music.

The Beatles are without a doubt one of the most popular bands in the history of music and although they disbanded in 1970, all band members became prominent figures in the rock scene with their solo career. Paul McCartney’s solo career has been highly successful and he released his 18th solo album McCartney III on December 18, 2020.

Approximately a month ago, he released the ‘reimagined’ version of the album in collaboration with a range of recording artists, such as Director .Paak, Beck, Blood Orange, Damon Albarn, Dominic Fike, Ed O’Brien, Josh Homme, Khruangbin, Robert Del Naja, Phoebe Bridgers, and St.Vincent. The McCartney III Imagined was released on April 16, and it has already been appreciated by millions.

Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that such an influential figure in the rock scene has millions of fans, some of them being rockstars too. In his recent Instagram post, Macca showed off his daughter Stella’s latest collaboration with Greenpeace aiming to ‘stop Amazon deforestation fuelled by industrial agriculture and meat production.’

His support for such an important cause and his daughter’s project was applauded by thousands. However, there was one comment that really attracted rock and metal fans’ attention; it was Nikki Sixx’s. In his comment, Sixx thanked McCartney ‘for the music’ and said he looks 45 years old. Fans took this chance to demand a Nikki Sixx x Paul McCartney collaboration which would surely be very interesting.

This is what was written in Paul McCartney’s photo caption:

“Repost from Stella McCartney:

So incredibly proud to see Dad, Paul McCartney wearing our Stella x Greenpeace limited-edition collab. My parents are why I learned to fight for Mother Earth – especially vital, precious ecosystems like the Amazon. Now, I want to save it for my children.

Join me in supporting Greenpeace UK’s campaign to stop Amazon deforestation fuelled by industrial agriculture and meat production. Love you, Dad! x Stella

Stella McCartney Cares Foundation is making a donation to Greenpeace to support its campaign to stop deforestation in the Amazon.

Shop Stella x Greenpeace in-store and online.”

Here’s what Nikki Sixx commented:

“Looks 45. Amazing. Thank you for the music.”

And a fan responded:

Crue and Beatles crossover please!”

Another fan agreed and said:

Nikki and Macca crossover, please. It’s always the bassist for me.”

You can check out Paul McCartney’s Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Paul McCartney – Instagram