Mikkey Dee Details His Plan To ‘Motörize’ Scorpions

Mikkey Dee‘s recent interview with Metal Rules offered a fascinating glimpse into his experience joining Scorpions and his intentions to revitalize their sound. As a seasoned musician, Dee has brought a fresh perspective to the band, and his energy and enthusiasm have been nothing short of contagious.

When Dee first joined Scorpions in 2016, he was initially brought in as a stand-in for then-drummer James Kottak during parts of their European tour. The band was growing tired of Kottak’s issues and wanted to explore other options. Dee and the band secretly rehearsed together while he was following them on tour in Germany, and it quickly became evident that the chemistry between them was undeniable.

In the interview, Dee explained that his goal was to show Scorpions what they couldn’t be without, highlighting his unique drumming style and energy. He aimed to prove his value to the band during their secret rehearsals, ultimately leading to a more permanent role.

His words went as follows:

“They [initially] called me in to be the stand-in for maybe James [Kottak]. Because they started to get tired of his problems, so they said, ‘Look if you could be a stand-in on parts of the European tour.’ I said, ‘Yeah. No problem.’ But meanwhile, while I was secretly following the band around in Germany, we were rehearsing a couple of times — secretly. And I’m sure that they wanted to check me out there, of course. And you never know how things are gonna go with the social part or the musical part, but they loved it immediately. And my idea was to show them what they cannot be without, basically.”

The drummer emphasized that he had no intention of disrespecting Kottak‘s contribution to Scorpions. Instead, he wanted to demonstrate his own unique abilities and help the band reach new heights by infusing their sound with a harder, tighter, and heavier edge to ‘Motörize’ them.

He explained:

“James is a great drummer. He did fantastic with Scorpions. He ran into some health problems that he had to deal with. I was never, and I will never, talk him down in any way, shape, or form, but I would like to do what I wanted to do at that point was to show what I can do and what you cannot be without. I said to the guys that I’m gonna Motörize them. ‘I want it harder, tighter, and heavier, and I’m gonna show you what kind of drummer I am. I’m gonna put much more energy into what we do, and hopefully, that will contaminate the whole band, and we can take it to another level. And I can inspire enough to you guys, and you will inspire me as well, of course.’ Because playing pretty much the same stuff for 25 years is one thing, so this was a big challenge for me, of course, as well… And when that works out the way it did, it’s a good thing. They have no attitude. I have no attitude. We knew each other before. We get along great. And now we’re just gonna play great together. But of course, you never, ever, ever know. I might be an idiot getting out there with the Scorpions, being a complete prick about stuff. And they go, ‘Holy shit. We don’t remember you like this.’ I might think that ‘Holy smoke. These guys are fucking morons. I can’t deal with this.’ But that was not the case. And, of course, we got along great, and we still do. And we’re having a blast on the road and in the studio. So, it turned out to be a win-win situation.”

He also recounted that he was initially present as a secret stand-in during Kottak’s performances, observing from afar to learn the set. He expressed that Kottak played well during this time, but ultimately, Scorpions made the decision to move forward with Dee as their drummer.

He continued his memory by saying:

“I saw every single show because I had to sit and learn the set. And I was sitting secretly up on the arena. Usually, they have it blocked off. If you draw a line on the short side of an arena, the stage, and then backwards, it’s never open for the public. I had to sit very, very far away up there with in-ears, so I could hear what was going on. And [James] knew that there was a drummer [acting as a possible stand-in], [but he did] not [know] who it was. And he played great. I mean, he shaped up and played fine. And then I went back [home] to Sweden. And then I got a call just right after the European tour, and they said, ‘Look, can you finish out the year?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely. ‘Cause I’m doing nothing.’ And I realized at that time that [James is] not coming back because we already did some rehearsals, and I showed them kind of what they cannot be without; I was hoping. But he did great, and then, obviously, he kind of lost it there a little bit. You can’t live everybody else’s life, of course. I was not there to snag his seat in the Scorpions, but they had to do something, and that’s what they chose to do. And here I was.”

Mikkey Dee’s dedication to his craft and passion for music has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on Scorpions. His ability to seamlessly blend with the band while bringing a fresh perspective and energy has not only revitalized their sound but also set the stage for an exciting new chapter in the band’s history. As fans eagerly await more performances and new music from Scorpions, they can rest assured that with Mikkey Dee behind the drums, the future looks brighter and more ‘Motörized’ than ever before.