Mike Shinoda Discusses Linkin Park’s Return

Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda reflected his ideas about Linkin Park’s return after their longtime hiatus during his recent interview with Louder Sound and revealed whether they are ready to return to the stage and studio.

As you probably know, Linkin Park released their latest and seventh studio album entitled ‘One More Light’ on May 19, 2017. The album received critical acclaim and commercial success thanks to its hit record. Also, it will always have a special place for Linkin Park because it is the last album featuring their late lead vocalist Chester Bennington.

Chester Bennington had been struggling with depression for many years, and he committed suicide on July 20, 2017. Both Linkin Park members and fans were devastated upon hearing the news, so the remaining members decided to take a break. Even though the band is on hiatus, their fans are still waiting for their new projects.

Therefore, Mike Shinoda decided to close the doors on Linkin Park’s return for a certain period during his recent conversation. Shinoda stated that they aren’t emotionally ready to start the concerts or recording sessions, although they miss being on the stage and making music together. He couldn’t give any news about the band’s upcoming projects, and he probably won’t anytime soon.

Shinoda said in his interview that:

“For me, I’m like, okay physically, I could still tour. That part’s good. Hopefully, that doesn’t change any time soon but now is not the time for Linkin Park’s return. We don’t have the focus on it. We don’t have the math worked out and I don’t mean that by financial math, I mean that like emotional and creative math.”

It can be said that Linkin Park members are still devastated due to their frontman Chester Bennington’s unexpected and early death. Thus, they believe they will struggle while writing and composing new Linkin Park songs and performing on the stage without him.